Video Conferencing
Enjoy video conferencing for free. While initiating a meeting, the user has an option whether to start the recording function. Kenvai enables video recording function to ensure all business meetings are tracked. All these recordings will be stored on cloud.
Highly Accurate Online Bilingual Translation
Kenvai’s Chinese text translation has achieved an accuracy of more than 97%. Kenvai has also enabled speech-to-speech translation.
Online Depository of Contract Templates
With more than thousands of contract templates to choose from, simply download the template and start editing.
Simultaneous Contract Editing
Parties are able to edit and sign the contract online. Other relevant documents can also be shared directly on Kenvai. Kenvai vastly cut down the lengthy back-and-forth between documents, allowing the communication between businesses to be done more cost and time effectively.
E-Signature Enabled
Kenvai allows users to user signatures, as well as company stamps. The user will get a notification each time the signature or company stamp is used. At the bottom of each e-signature, there will also be a time stamp to indicate the time and date the contract is signed.
Desktop and App Versions Available
Kenvai is available on both mobile and desktops and it supports Android, iOS, and Windows. Being secured and easy to operate, users can have a peace of mind when using Kenvai.
Receiving Business Leads
Looking for business opportunities? Hundreds of new business leads are uploaded on Kenvai each month. Connect to your next business partner via Kenvai.